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The Simple Thank You

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Feeling and expressing gratitude shifts your life, your health and your vibration. Gratitude is a seed of light that you plant. It sounds easy. It is. However, we have made it complicated. Our gratitude has structure, mantras or ceremonies. We use it for manifesting what we want. We fill bedtime and wake time journals. Yet, it truly is as simple as saying "Thank you".

The simple “thank you for this...” brings you into the moment and connects you with your subject. It requires no journal, no intent for the future, no mantra and no ceremony. It carries no baggage. It makes no judgement. It is easy to use to light your day and your life.

“Thank you for this food” is a simple yet powerful phrase that connects you to the food you are about to eat. It pushes away the ghosts of similar meals past and it helps you derive more nutrition from your food by shifting you to your parasympathetic meditative state.

“Thank you for this body.” You may wish it looked different or functioned differently, but your body is the vessel that carries your soul. For that, a simple thank you, this expression of love and gratitude, brings connection and can bring forgiveness.

“Thank you for this money” when paying your bills or purchasing goods, blesses the transactions with your gratitude. It reminds you of the good things your money brings you. Though you may have financial challenges, gratitude shifts your focus to what you do have.

Thank you for this job. Thank you for this friend. Thank you for this life partner. Thank you for this child. Thank you for this pet. Thank you for this car. Thank you for this country. Thank you for this home.

The simple thank you is not embellished with adjectives or adverbs. "Thank you for this..." does not complicate things with possessives or relationships. It is a quiet opening of the heart to the subject of your "thank you". It is the acceptance and appreciation for something or someone as it is in that moment. The simple thank you is a seed of light that you plant through your day and your life.

Thank you.

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