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Nancy Carpenter

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Nancy is ever the student and ever the teacher.  She is an award-winning speaker and an award-winning instructor.

Nancy is a transformative energy worker. She is a Reiki Master and spiritual counselor.

Nancy is also a technical writer in the functional medicine space, an artist and a voiceover artist, providing voice for narration and commercials.

Nancy is an experienced Community Emergency Response Team instructor, teaching all lay responder elements of the course. She teaches emergency response to school staff. Nancy gives disaster preparedness presentations to community groups, schools, businesses and government. She also teaches earthquake science in school classrooms and provides emergency supply and emergency response consultations with schools and school districts. 

Nancy is a dynamic Vermicompost educator. Vermicompost is the use of worms to recycle food waste and waste paper.  She provides presentations to community groups, garden clubs and school classes.

Nancy is a beginning gardening instructor, having produced a video gardening course.