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About Nancy Carpenter


Nancy's father was a dowser, a water witch. With a small branch from a "stone fruit" tree, he could find water veins deep in the ground. He could tell you how deep the water was and whether the water was of good quality. He could find where water pipes were frozen while the pipes were buried under concrete. He was very proud of this unusual gift. When Nancy began to feel and work with energy, his pride gave her the sense that these extra sensory phenomena were not only okay, but they could also be a source of pride.  

Becoming a spiritual worker has been long evolution. Nancy believes that it began as a child and teen in the solitude of the woods.  She was raised in a tumultuous household and sought peace.

While in college on the Big Island of Hawaii, Nancy would try to travel out of body. One such event was actually confirmed. One day after classes she "went out" to find her boyfriend. She checked at his work, his home, and his car. But with each try, she kept ending up at Richardson's Beach Park looking out at the water. That evening when they spoke on the phone, he told her that he had taken the day off from work. A friend had come to town for a visit. Where were they? Snorkeling at Richardson's Beach Park. 

An elderly man at work passed away. For the next few days, while working the evening shift, Nancy would see him standing next to his desk. As Nancy's dear friend passed away, the friend came to Nancy in a dream to say goodbye. When her mother passed, Nancy saw her mother's spirit sit up and leave her body.  Though Nancy does not pursue connections with people who have passed, once in a while those closely connected to her client may appear during a session. They are all good and gentle encounters.

In later years, Nancy received Reiki training. During the first level training, Nancy began to see client's chakras and energy flow. These perceptions have grown through time and experience, to include seeing and hearing a person's angels and more. 

Nancy works with crystals. This she finds funny, having rolled her eyes many times when others talked about crystals. She can feel the power of the stones, and, on occasion, she has heard them and has seen lights emanating from them. There are a few, like tiger eye and pyrite, that actually make her nauseous.

Nancy loves teaching and has been doing so for decades. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Nancy is an award-winning speaker and instructor. She has taught disaster preparedness and response, water conservation, first aid and CPR, gardening, composting, vermicomposting, and she taught a preschool program on an organic vegetable farm for over a decade.


Nancy is currently a technical writer in the functional medicine space, an artist, a voiceover artist, and an author of books on autism and gardening.

She is ever the student and ever the teacher.

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