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Nancy Carpenter

Reiki Master and Channel of Angels

Nancy can help you balance the energy in your body, energize your flow of energy, and release that which does not serve you or belong to you. She is a clairvoyant and receives messages for you from your angels.

She can also clear and balance the energy in your home and property.

Nancy is ever the student and ever the teacher.

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Energy Healing

Reiki and Channeling

Reiki Cho Ku Rei

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. It is the laying on of hands, a channeling of love and life energy. ​Reiki gently shifts your energy to promote healing.

Reiki is spiritual, not religious. It is a simple, natural, and safe method of bringing balance and healing. Reiki compliments all healing modalities.  

Channeling is the receipt of messages from your angels. Nancy can see energy and images and hear messages for you. These are shared with you during your session. These are to assist you in your spiritual growth.

Every Session begins with a prayer, an intention, that God be with us, to guide us and protect us, and to ensure that all is done, is done for the highest good of all concerned. Every session ends with a prayer of thanks.

In Person Sessions are done with a light placement of hands upon your body, or it can be done hands free. Reiki is performed as you lay face up on a massage table, or, if necessary, as you sit in a chair. Your clothes stay on, but your shoes are off.  This session lasts about an hour.

Distance Sessions are done face to face online via Zoom.  Sit in a comfortable chair in front of your computer or phone. Clients who have done both in person and distance say that distance is equally as powerful and meaningful. This session lasts about an hour.

Your energy is scanned and rebalanced with the help of your angels. All is done with their assistance and your permission. You discard energies that do not belong to you and those that do not benefit you. These are replaced with gentle positive energy that you are now ready to receive.

In both in-person and distance sessions, Nancy channels your angels and tells you what she sees and hears. It is dynamic and interactive. Ask your questions or say what comes into your mind.  

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My Clients Say

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“I’ve had the good fortune to experience both in-person and online healings with Nancy. Although it is wonderful to be in Nancy’s loving presence in person, my online experiences have been just as powerful. Nancy is not only a vessel used to heal others, she is a fantastic teacher.
Whether you have physical pain, mental trauma, or just need help letting go of old “stuff” that is no longer serving you, Nancy will work with your “team” and support that process.”

Alison R, Spokane Washington

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