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Ever The Student

Helping You to

Heal, Grow, and Become More

Nancy Carpenter is a transformative 

Reiki Master and Channel of Angels.

Nancy can help you balance the energy in your body, energize your flow of energy, and release that which does not serve you or belong to you. As a channel, Nancy receives messages for you from your angels.

She can also clear and balance the energy in your home and property.

Nancy is ever the student and ever the teacher.

Nancy Carpenter, Reiki Master

My Clients Say

Image by Jerry Zhang
“I’ve had the good fortune to experience both in-person and online healings with Nancy. Although it is wonderful to be in Nancy’s loving presence in person, my online experiences have been just as powerful. Nancy is not only a vessel used to heal others, she is a fantastic teacher.
Whether you have physical pain, mental trauma, or just need help letting go of old “stuff” that is no longer serving you, Nancy will work with your “team” and support that process.”

Alison R, Spokane Washington

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