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Reiki and Beyond

Nancy Carpenter
Reiki Master

Channel of Angels

Spiritual Counselor

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Reiki is

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki is the laying on of hands, a channeling of love and life energy. ​It promotes emotional healing, and through that, physical healing.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words- Rei (pronounced Ray) which means God's wisdom or the higher power, and Ki (pronounced key) which means life force energy. 

Reiki is spiritual, not religious. It is a simple, natural, and safe method of bringing balance and healing. 

​Beyond Reiki


Reiki practitioners, like Nancy, find that their spiritual senses become heightened as they become proficient. Nancy can see energy and images, and hear and see messages from your angels, as she helps you balance their life energy.

How Reiki Works

Reiki works through love and focus.  A Reiki practitioner is a channel of love and life energy for their client. 

Hands are gently placed where the Reiki practitioner is called through intuition. Succinctly put, we help release the bad stuff and bring in the good stuff. 

Everything is done for the best and highest good of all concerned. 

Energy Healing

What a Reiki Session Looks Like

Reiki Touch - Hands Free - Distance

Every Session begins with a prayer, an intention, that God be with us, to guide us and protect us, and to ensure that all is done, is done for the highest good of all concerned. Every session ends with a prayer of thanks.

In Person Sessions, touch or hands free, can be done with you seated in a chair or laying face up on a massage table. Your clothes stay on, but your shoes stay off. Gentle music may be playing. These sessions last about 1 hour.

A Touch Session involves gentle placement of the practitioner's hands on your body, only where you have given permission. It is not massage. 

A Hands Free Session involves your practitioner's hands hovering just over areas of your body. 

Distance Sessions can be done via video chat, phone or email. For a phone or email session, you email a photo of yourself as your proxy.  These sessions last about 30 minutes or more.

Beyond Reiki is what Nancy sees and hears. It is dynamic and interactive. Ask your questions or say what is on your mind. Nancy will tell you what she sees and hears. 

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