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The Energetics of Wearing a Mask

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Simply by seeing others wear masks, my heart races. I feel anxious. It becomes hard to breathe. It just feels wrong. Mine is a reaction to the energetics.

Your breath is an exchange of energy and emotions, as well as air. We breathe in energy and exhale spent energy. Eden Energy Medicine refers to the intake as Penetrating Flow. It is why, when people are overwhelmed by something they have seen or heard, they instinctually put their hands over their mouths to block the energy. The mask impedes the intake and release of energy and emotions, along with your breath.

Your smile is an important primal vehicle of energy. Your smile can light up a room and it can light someone's day. When you smile, science has shown, you become happier in response to making a smile. The longer you hold it, the better you feel. With the mask, you see no smile and your smile is powerless. People who interface with the public for their work day see no smiles for hours at a time all week.

Your voice brings your message and rings into the universe who you are and what you wish to manifest. For many of us, being able to speak with our authentic voice is one of our life lessons for this lifetime. You are muffled in a mask. Your voice is distorted and more difficult to project, requiring more effort and energy. Because of this, you converse less.

Your identity, your light, shines out your face. In a mask, more than half of your face is blocked from view. You are anonymous.

Your image that you project into the world is done with your clothing, accessories and belongings. Each projects an energy. Wearing a mask projects fear and isolation. This rings into the universe, bringing more.

What I see energetically when you wear a mask, is a hand clamped over your mouth, silencing you. The gaiter mask feels like you are suffocating. When I wear a mask, I feel the energy build up around my face and neck.

If you must wear a mask, do your best to compensate for the non-beneficial impacts to your energy, the energy of others and the energy that you ring into the universe. Visualize or look at photos of yourself and others smiling. Increase your radiance by imagining yourself as a lightbulb and brighten your light. Use every opportunity in your day when you do not need to wear a mask to smile at others, to voice your message, to breathe deeply and expel energy that does not benefit you and, when you can, project confidence and cheer. Ring that into the universe.

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