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Disaster Preparedness

Helping You Take Ownership of Your Safety

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Nancy Carpenter CERT Instructor

Nancy Carpenter is an award-winning speaker and an award-winning educator. 

For over 20 years, Nancy has taught disaster preparedness and response.

Nancy is a Community Emergency Response Team (FEMA's CERT course) instructor. She teaches all units: Disaster Preparedness, Small Fire Suppression, Triage, Disaster Medical, Search/Rescue, Disaster Psychology, Terrorism Awareness and Incident Command. 

In schools, Nancy trains staff in disaster response and teaches earthquake science to school students. She is also an emergency supply consultant. 

Nancy also provides stand-alone disaster preparedness education for business, government and organizations.

Contact Nancy Carpenter today to arrange a consultation, presentation or training course.

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Prepare Yourself

Preparedness is a huge subject. Educational resources abound. You will find detailed supply recommendations and lists on local and national websites. FEMA, via is the leader in helping you prepare. Your state has a Department of Emergency Management, as does your county and, likely, your city or town. Those will not be replicated here. What we can do, however, is help you get your arms around it....

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Food Security

Until the pandemic, most Americans had not considered that they may not have access to their normal food supply. The average distance food travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles. This makes our supply chain vulnerable to shortages due to regional or world events. This makes you and your family vulnerable to a shortage of food....

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